About Us

Klean Carbon is part of the fast growing Klean Group of companies that originated in Tokyo, Japan, and is now headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Initially focused on renewable energy, resource recovery and recycling sectors, the group has since diversified its portfolio and is now the involved integrated energy solutions, clean technologies, commodity production and distribution, environmental engineering, construction, finance, management services and consulting to businesses and governments around the world.

Klean Carbon® is a venture of Klean Industries Inc, into manufacturing of high-quality and environmentally superior recovered carbon black (rCB) know as CBk. Klean Carbon® CBk-EX®, CBk-RX® and CBk-SX® are new grades of carbon black reinforcing fillers that can fully or partially replace N300, N600 and N700 series of traditional Conventional Carbon Blacks “CCB”.

The CBk proprietary process is a post processing method and technology platform that significantly modifies and improves the recovered carbon black (rCB) from tire pyrolysis and reduces the rCB agglomerations and particle size, reduces zinc and silica for better dispersion and removes impurities such as ash which is key to restoring the reinforcement properties of rCB to produce the CBk functional fillers.

Investigations by various agencies and industrial end users have determined and proven that our CBk functional fillers can be used in place of virgin carbon blacks and can also partially replace other low structure conventional carbon black (CCB) grades. We are currently the only supplier to our knowledge that is capable and is providing rCB carbon materials directly back in new tire and retread tyre manufacturing processes globally.

Our back-end processing technology is attached to the Klean Industries tire pyrolysis (as known as carbonization) systems which has been fully scaled and commercialized by the Klean Team. The recovered carbon black is upgraded by the patented and patent pending fully integrated CBk process that significantly modifies the rCB.

CBk is a green alternative to virgin carbon black and was established in response to the growing problem of carbon waste and carbon emissions. Understanding the global impact of transforming carbon waste (emitted from point sources such as refineries, chemical plants and electric utility plants) into usable energy, the Klean Team has aggressively developed new technologically advanced solutions to curb the carbon pollution problem and has quickly established a strong presence in major metropolitan markets in North America and Europe

By delivering a new form of carbon transformation, Klean has produced varying grades of recovered carbon blacks and activated carbon by developing technological services to help customers and society meet health, safety and environmental challenges related to product development and recycling.

Carbon Transformation: The Klean Advantage

Klean transformation solutions offer superior cost-to-transformation ratios and a viable, profitable and sustainable manner in which to solve the global problem of carbon pollution.

Feedstock Waste Carbon: A Global Advantage

Klean addresses the concerns of carbon pollution and creates new sources of carbon-based commodities by securing and transforming carbon waste feedstock.

Klean’s co-combines the production of new raw materials and renewable energy from carbon waste feedstocks:

  1. Provides energy commodities at a predictable rate
  2. Transforms zero or low-valued waste into a proven source of new, renewable energy
  3. Diverts waste material away from landfills and from being discharged into the environment