Carbon Black Market

Worldwide carbon black consumption is estimated at 9.5 million metric tonnes annually and is forecast to rise 4 percent annually and is a chemical ingredient used as a reinforcing agent in rubber products and as a colorant in plastics applications. Growth in the non-tire rubber product market is set to outpace the growth in the dominant motor vehicle tire sector, with the smaller special blacks markets rising the fastest.

Our Klean Carbon® CBk® Carbon Black Sales Team has been actively involved in Carbon Black business for over 25 years and maintains strong relationships throughout the Carbon Black Industry. The Team has been involved in building and constructing some of the world’s largest Carbon Black production facilities and distribution centers operating today. Our Team continues to consult with major Carbon Black manufacturers and is actively involved in Carbon Black product development including the development of new compounds and concentrates using alternative and/or substitute Carbon Blacks. These new Carbon Black products are changing the landscape of traditional manufacturing techniques and formulas as we apply newer, more efficient, technologies and advanced process equipment into our product manufacturing pipeline.

Our holistic approach provides our customers with better products that feature not only lower prices but those that feature significantly lower emissions profiles than other carbon blacks. We are leading producer of recycled and recovered carbon black (rCB).

  • Our reinforcing carbon blacks: Providing a unique balance of mechanical and dynamic reinforcing characteristics with extremely low PAH, our carbon blacks as a sustainable, one-to-one replacement to many ASTM furnace carbon blacks in tires and technical rubber goods.
  • Our specialty carbon blacks: Our specialty carbon blacks deliver high and consistent color performance with easy dispersion properties in an eco-friendly way for specialty applications such as coatings, inks and plastics.