Carbon Black Users

Better Preforming, Environmentally Superior Carbon Blacks

Klean Carbon® is a high-quality carbon black substitute or what is also referred to as an alternative carbon black, a raw material heavily used in the manufacturing of rubber and plastic products. Our grades of Klean Carbon® CBk-EX®, CBk-RX® and CBk-SX® are manufactured with great attention to detail all the way from feedstock procurement to finished manufactured Carbon Black. Klean Carbon® is the sustainable alternative to the global chemical called carbon black. Our environmentally friendly, recycled and recovered carbon black (rCB) product performs as well as its virgin counterpart in commercial rubber and plastics applications. It meets all ASTM standards for virgin carbon blacks, and is the only such product that is currently being used in the production of new tires and passenger tire applications. Carbon black users are faced with increasing consumer and regulatory demand for “green” products and recycled components. Klean Carbon® is ”green” raw material for environmentally-pressured auto, industrial, and consumer product markets.

Today, our ASTM rated, drop-in alternative CBk Carbon Blacks are used in – pigmenting (colorants), UV stabilizing and conductive agents in a variety of common and specialty products, including:

  • Industrial Rubber Products: Our Klean Carbon® CBk® Carbon Blacks is used in many molded and extruded industrial rubber products, such as belts, hoses, gaskets, diaphragms, vibration isolation devices, bushings, air springs, chassis bumpers, and multiple types of pads, boots, wiper blades, fascia, conveyor wheels, and grommets.
  • Plastics: Our Klean Carbon® CBk® Carbon Blacks are widely used for masterbatch applications, such as conductive packaging, films, fibers, moldings, pipes and semi-conductive cables, compounds in products such as refuse sacks, industrial bags, photographic containers, agriculture mulch film, stretch wrap, and thermoplastic molding applications for automotive, electrical/electronics, household appliances and blow-molded containers.
  • Toners & Printing Inks: Our Klean Carbon® CBk® Carbon Blacks enhance formulations and deliver broad flexibility in meeting specific color requirements.
  • Coatings: Our Klean Carbon® CBk®CBk Carbon Blacks provide pigmentation, conductivity and UV protection for a number of coating applications automotive (primer basecoats and clearcoats), marine, aerospace, decorative, wood, and industrial coatings.
  • Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Compounds: Our latest Klean Carbon® CBk® Carbon Blacks are carefully designed to transform electrical characteristics from insulating to conductive in products such as electronics packaging, safety applications, and automotive parts.




Independent Certifications and Verified Proven Commercial Results:

Akron Rubber Development Laboratory

Established in 1962 by Robert Samples, Akron Rubber Development Laboratory, Inc. (ARDL) is one of the leading US independent testing and development laboratories servicing the rubber, latex and plastics industries. ARDL currently employs over 70 professional, technical, and support personnel.

Lafarge North America

Lafarge in North America is the largest diversified supplier of construction materials in the U.S. and Canada. We produce and sell cement, ready-mixed concrete, gypsum wallboard, aggregates, asphalt, and related products and services. Our products are used in residential, commercial and public works construction projects across North America. Lafarge in North America is part of the Lafarge Group, a world leader in building materials that is active in 78 countries, and employs 78,000 people

Ford Motor Company

The world’s original automotive manufacturer and one of industries’ greenest automotive companies. Ford Motor Company, a global automotive industry leader based in Dearborn, Mich., manufactures and distributes automobiles across six continents. With approximately 176,000 employees and 80 plants worldwide, the company’s automotive brands include Ford, Lincoln, Mercury and Volvo.

Dow Chemical Company

Dow combines the power of science and technology with the “Human Element” to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress. Dow’s diversified industry-leading portfolio of specialty chemical, advanced materials, agrosciences and plastics businesses delivers a broad range of technology-based products and solutions to customers in approximately 160 countries and in high growth sectors such as electronics, water, energy, coatings and agriculture. Dow employs approximately 52,000 people worldwide and manufactures more than 5,000 products at 214 sites in 37 countries across the globe.


Cooper-Standard Automotive Inc. is a leading global automotive supplier specializing in the manufacture and marketing of systems and components for the transportation industry. Products include body-sealing systems, fluid handling systems, and NVH control systems. Cooper-Standard Automotive Inc. employs more than 14,000 people across 47 facilities in 14 countries.

ASTM International

ASTM International is one of the largest voluntary standards development organizations in the world-a trusted source for technical standards for materials, products, systems, and services. Known for their high technical quality and market relevancy, ASTM International standards have an important role in the information infrastructure that guides design, manufacturing and trade in the global economy.

SGS Laboratories

SGS is the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity, we employ over 50,000 people and operate a network of more than 1,000 offices and laboratories around the world.

Vehicle Recycling Partnership of USCAR

The United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR) was founded in 1992. Its goal is to further strengthen the technology base of the U.S. auto industry through cooperative research and development. USCAR is a member organization consisting of Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. The group works to share technology that addresses environmental concerns.

US Department of Transportation

A comprehensive three-year, three-volume joint test program using “Pyrolized Carbon Black from Waste Tires in Asphalt Pavements” (ref FHW AIIN/JHRP), concluded that use of upgraded pyrochar produces a number of significant improvements including greatly extended asphalt life.