CBk Products

Klean Carbon® is a proven recovered carbon black (rCB) that complies with ASTM Standard – ASTM D3053. We only carbonize the highest quality crumb rubber, in presence of chemical accelerators in our patented, continuous process, tire pyrolysis plants which produce the highest quality Klean Carbon® CBk fillers. The our pyrolysis process is known as a thermal catalytic depolymerization system. Our production process is has surplus energy and is environment friendly and produces no more emissions than a natural gas boiler.

Klean Carbon® is produced and goes through vigorous multi stage very high temperature mineral and chemical infusion process followed by pelletizing and packaging. It is this key technology process that gives us leading edge over traditionally produced ASTM grades of convention carbon blacks (CCB). Based on extensive laboratory testing and many years of R&D, we confidently say that our Klean Carbon® CBk has significantly less toxic and cancer causing substances (namely, PAH – Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon far below detection levels).

As per industry standards, all our grades of Klean Carbon® CBk-EX®, CBk-RX® and CBk-SX® are pelletized and shipped in standard bags or super sacks. With onsite laboratories and offer continuous development for special grades with unique properties for new applications for our valuable clients. Our new grades of carbon black reinforcing fillers that can fully or partially replace N300, N600 and N700 series.

For more information about use of our product in specific industries, please contacts us.