Consulting Services

We can provide carbon black consulting services for marketing, sales and strategic consulting advice for carbon users and manufacturers involved with rubber, plastic, ink and coating industries. The Klean Team has decades of direct rubber and carbon black industry experience. Our services include Carbon Black Process & Process Development, Carbon Black Market Assessment, and Carbon Black Product Development.

We can provide advisory services and consultations on the follow activities:

  • Defining colloidal characteristics;
  • New product development & improvement;
  • Toll contract manufacturers & partners;
  • Chemical reactivity & compatibility issues;
  • Chemical formula modifications, testing, & analysis;
  • Special properties in rubber compounds & compounding;
  • Carbon black feedstock assessment & value determination;
  • Carbon blacks for smooth extrusion surfaces & low PAH content;
  • Information on specific carbon black, rubber & plastic compounds;
  • Carbon blacks for extended screen life (ie. plastics applications);
  • Carbon black manufacturing costs, grade analysis, variable & fixed costs;
  • Current & future carbon black drivers, overviews by region & segment;
  • Carbon blacks for conductive applications (ie. wire & cable, ESD, shielding);
  • Project feasibility studies, journal & patent literature including documentation;
  • Carbon black handling & physical form (powder handling, pelletisation, & beading);
  • Carbon blacks for high performance rubber products, including tires & racing tires;
  • Process development for specific carbon black characteristics, (ie. low residue, low PAH, low fines);
  • Detailed knowledge of manufacturing costs & profit potential for rubber, plastics, inks & coatings grades;
  • In depth knowledge of European & North American market sectors including detailed breakdowns of tire, rubber, plastic, inks & coatings customers.

For more information about use of our product in specific industries, please contacts us.